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The workshop includes:

  • What is the Chinese Medicine theory behind the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)
  • Learn the acupressure points used in EFT.
  • Understanding Emotional Eating.
  • Using EFT on your own issues around this subject.
  • Be in a supportive environment
  • Enjoy learning self – care techniques that you will have for a lifetime.

Workshop in basic Energy Medicine Techniques

This is a fun workshop and suitable for all age groups and once learnt the techniques are easy to remember and use on a daily basis.  You will gain a good understanding of what makes our body’s subtle energies go out of balance and how to get them back on track! The workshop is good for all community groups and schools.  The workshop will combine together techniques from alternative therapies – excellent for balancing the energies of the body, mind and spirit.

Benefits include:

  • Improve co-ordination & bring emotions into balance;
  • Improve your lymph circulation/blood circulation & strengthen the immune system;
  • Decrease stress/anxiety/anger/tiredness & lethargy;
  • Bring more vitality into your life;
  • Have fun & gain a well-being ‘toolkit’;
  • Enjoy ongoing support.

Community Workshops

A workshop can be developed to suit a particular need, for example, a Carer’s group; a group to calm examination/interview nerves; a group to build self-esteem/confidence; a group aiming towards stressing less and weighing less, or to stress less in the work environment and on a daily basis.  The Emotional Freedom Technique & Energy Medicine is both extremely efficient self-help techniques to reduce and eliminate daily stressors that occur, or to remove blocks to achieving a goal.  Please telephone me to chat about how a workshop could assist your group and its participants.