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We are a bundle of subtle energies and surrounded by electromagnetic energy……





We are a bundle of subtle energies and surrounded by electromagnetic energy – all these energies need to flow freely. If they do we can feel energized, balanced, and centered. We will have an inner strength that helps us through times of uncertainty, especially if we use exercise on a daily basis!

Energy Therapy combines methods from Energy Medicine, Zen Shiatsu, Chakra Balancing, Reiki, and other modalities.

When attending a 1-1 session an assessment will be carried out that tracks your energy and personalized treatment developed.

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3 reviews for Energy Medicine Tracking Assessment

  1. Angela Hocking

    Pauline is an excellent therapist. She is brilliant at engaging a group and teaching positive techniques to develop an inner calm & manage stress & anxiety. I have practiced Pauline’s routines and felt a definite benefit to my emotional health. I will continue using her programme as part of my daily routine. Thank you Pauline!

    • Pauline Irving

      Hi Angela, Feedback is always so good to have and I will look forward to doing more with Energy Medicine. Let us aim to some before winter.

  2. Kay

    While Pauline was visiting me in Australia, she held a short course on Energy Medicine and EFT, which I attended. I found the way that Pauline explained and demonstrated these techniques easy to follow and, in a short time, shown to be effective. I felt it a safe way of releasing negative thoughts and issues – once released, positive energy was reinforced to give me a calm and more balanced way of living. With thanks.”
    Kay, Australia

  3. Lynette

    I have known Pauline since the mid-1990s. I would highly recommend Pauline to anyone needing help with emotional, mental or physical health concerns, or to help balance your life during these trying times.
    I consider Pauline a great teacher, a teacher of integrity & with an understanding of people’s needs.
    Deeply caring, with a vast teaching background.

    • Pauline Irving

      Hi Lynette, I thank you for your review and so sorry you couldn’t get it on Facebook but it is here on my website – thank you.

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