EFT Explained-Benefits

What is EFT Tapping

The body's meridian points

Emotional Freedom Technique decreases stress and balances the energy (Chi) in your energy body (the meridians).  When you tap on the acupressure points indicated in the diagram, and, at the same time, voice/or visualise an issue that is underlying the emotion that you are experiencing, energy shifts and brings about changes to the level of stress, or discomfort, that you are feeling.  The process continues until you feel a shift in the emotional component and the stress/discomfort level dissolving.  During the tapping, it is possible that other issues may come to your mind and these can be noted to tap on as described. 

When change occurs it is important that you continue to tap in positive emotions and intentions that you are wanting to achieve.  This will leave you feeling energised and with a heightened clarity of thought. 

Think of it as needle-free, emotional acupuncture that can help you break free from whatever has been holding you back!

How can EFT Help Me?

Tapping is incredibly versatile healing technique.  No matter what is bothering you, it can be dealt with through EFT.  It’s been successfully tested and used to treat:

  • Stress from past, current and future events
  • Emotions e.g. Fear/Anger/Sadness/Worry
  • Anxiety/Overwhelm
  • PTSD
  • Food Cravings – Emotional eating
  • Dissatisfaction with Body Image
  • Weight Loss / Weight Gain
  • Insomnia
  • Changing unhelpful habits
  • Family strife /Relationships
  • Interview / Examination nerves
  • Challenges that life presents us

Why Choose EFT?

Simply put, EFT is one of the easiest and fastest healing techniques available to you.  Whether you use it on its own or to supplement traditional therapy or medical treatment, EFT can supercharge and drastically reduce your recovery time.

Best of all, after a few sessions, you will be able to do it on your own and if you want to work on more complex issues that may arise, I can assist you.  

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