Client Comments

Pauline is such a lovely, knowledgeable lady, who made me feel so relaxed and at ease every time we met.  In just 6 sessions she helped build my confidence, feel less stressed and and anxious, work through stuck emotions from past events and dramatically improve my symptoms of Fibromyalgia, including sleep problems and chronic pain.  My quality of life has dramatically improved as I continue to use a number of techniques Pauline has taught me”.


“I first found Pauline on this website after a Google search for EFT practitioners in my area. We spoke on the phone initially so that I could tell Pauline about my problems with anxiety and to get a sense of each other. I could tell straight away that Pauline was someone I would be able to trust and confide in. She was compassionate and understanding to my situation whilst always giving good advice and ways in which I could help myself at home or in tense situations. I really enjoyed our sessions together. Pauline explained everything we would be doing each session clearly and in a way I didn’t find confusing. She would also allow me time to express myself fully and I never felt rushed. I also knew that if I got stuck at home between sessions I could contact Pauline and she was only ever happy to help. These sessions have been invaluable to me. They have taught me a lot about myself as well as helping me deal with my anxiety and why it has manifested in my life. I feel confident that EFT is a worth while tool that will no doubt help me in the future should I need it. Thank you Pauline for all your support, kindness and knowledge.”


“Yeah, I am totally moved by your methods and I am incredibly grateful I was able to cross paths with you.  I remember a week before my exam being completely stressed and really feared for the worst, I remember thinking to myself it will be a miracle to pass that exam.  I remember you quoting Mark Twain “Some of the worst things in my mind never actually happen”.  This is something that really stuck with me and is something I used to motivate myself.  The tapping was something I wasn’t too familiar with at first but was something I will continuously use through out my life.  It really helped to calm myself down and really centre myself.  I am more than happy forwarding your information to friends and family because I think what you do is truly wonderful and needed in this world”.

Ben, University Student

“I would thoroughly recommend Pauline as a EFT practitioner. I worked with Pauline on a specific issue that I had in my life my situation was heard with empathy and concern. We then worked on a tapping script which was emailed to me the same night so I could start on my issue straight away.
A thoroughly professional job. Thanks very much Pauline.”

Richard, Southampton

“I would like to say thank you Pauline for listening and helping me to find the specific issue underlying my stress, it came as a surprise but happened during the tapping and I was able to resolve it there and then during the session. Thank you also for sending the follow up script and look forward to another session.”

Mike, Southampton

 “I undertook a 2.5 hour workshop with Pauline during her visit to Mackay, Queensland. Pauline explained the principles of EFT thoroughly to our Team, some of who had no knowledge prior to the session. By completion of the workshop I was energised, feeling positive and eager to consider areas of my life to work on, having cleared some personal issues during the session for myself. Thank you Pauline.”

Bridgeen, Australia

“I was lucky to be able to attend a session with Pauline while she was in Australia. As a teacher I can see the potential in being able to deal with sometimes difficult students with more clarity and acceptance. I am hoping to continue to develop and expand these ideas further.”

Sue, Australia

“While Pauline was visiting in Australia, I had the pleasure to attend her excellent presentation for which I am grateful – it was great, interesting and fun. Thank you.”

Eva, Australia

“While Pauline was visiting me in Australia, she held a short course on Energy Medicine and EFT, which I attended. I found the way that Pauline explained and demonstrated these techniques easy to follow and, in a short time, shown to be effective. I felt it a safe way of releasing negative thoughts and issues – once released, positive energy was reinforced to give me a calm and more balanced way of living. With thanks.”

Kay, Australia

“I helped to organise Pauline’s EFT course, “Stressing Less and Weighing Less” on the Isle of Wight.  Even though I have trained in EFT, Pauline’s knowledge and experience in Chinese & Energy Medicine added a whole new understanding as to how and why EFT works so effectively.  I feel inspired to do more.

Pauline introduced the group to a series of exercises to boost and or balance our body’s energy.  These were easy and fun.

The time and work she put into the day was evident, including a comprehensive handout for everyone.  Pauline offered follow up support, I am impressed by her generosity.”

Sally, BACP Accredited Counsellor

Just like to say what a lovely lady Pauline is and a big thank you for teaching me EFT – it is helping me in so many things.  I look forward to taking it with me into the future.  Since the workshop things are going really well and I have a real calmness around food.  I have been tapping each day and lost some weight, so long may things continue.”


We attended Pauline’s EFT workshop on the Isle of Wight. Both myself and my friend had a lovely day. There was just the right balance of exercises and tapping and the length of the workshop was perfect. The handouts were very informative and an excellent reminder of everything we had learnt throughout the day. We can honestly say it has left us both wanting more and cannot wait until the next workshop. Pauline is very confident and experienced in her profession and is truly an inspiring lady. Prepare to be amazed.”


“I have found Pauline to be very calm and understanding which has enabled me to feel confident about discussing my personal situation with her.  This has helped me to resolve some of the concerns that have been troubling me and I now feel less burdened. The techniques she has taught me have proved to be very effective and can be simple to use on a daily basis.  Pauline’s knowledge of different therapies and her experience of working with clients I believe enable her to find the most appropriate support for the individuals needs.”

Female, 50s, Professional

 “At the age of 61 I have suffered from migraine and daily headaches for 50 years because of this I   worry about being able to cope especially with important occasions, attending events, travel and many other activities of normal life.This has made me feel very anxious and I was very interested to learn of EFT.

Pauline Irving has helped me with this therapy, she is a kind and caring practitioner and I have found it very easy to talk to Pauline who has a genuine desire to help.”

Female, 61, Retired

“Pauline has been a very helpful and professional practioner. EFT and the way Pauline explains it has changed the way I think and worry less about certain things.”

Male, 70, Retired

“I just wanted to say how much I appreciate the tapping work you did with me. I can honestly say that I have a great deal more clarity (& no fizziness) on running my finances.  Thank you.”

Male, 50s, Professional

“Pretty amazing & interesting stuff – felt really at ease, which I wasn’t until I met with Pauline and we did EFT.  Will be using it at Uni.”

Male, 18, Student

“My confidence has taken a leap.  Felt really nervous as a new Mum but talked to Pauline and we did a breathing exercise and visualisation I can use when feeding my baby and I have learnt EFT.  I really do feel calmer and more confident.  Thank you.”

Female, 26, Enjoying being a Mum

“I had some knowledge of EFT before I went to see Pauline but her EFT expertise really helped to solidify my practice and enabled me to get more out of it. She put me at ease immediately and gave me so many tips as we went along. During the session Pauline was able to use the EFT to draw out some deeper issues than what I originally thought I needed to tap on, until I ended up with a really powerful script for me which I can use as a basis and keep tweaking over time if I need too. I’m really glad I made the investment and had a session with Pauline as EFT is a great tool to have in your back pocket, especially if you suffer from anxiety.”

Kathryn D

“I was lucky to be able to attend a session with Pauline while she was in Australia. As a teacher I can see the potential in being able to deal with sometimes difficult students with more clarity and acceptance. I am hoping to continue to develop and expand these ideas further.”


“I learnt EFT from Pauline & found her to be an excellent teacher & a caring & supportive practitioner. I am impressed with the technique as it seems so straightforward but has proven to be extremely powerful with immediate results. Although I was able start the practice on my own after the 1st session I found it valuable to have Pauline’s support for another 4 sessions, during which time I was able to clear the emotions attached to the most traumatic events in my life from both childhood & adulthood. I also become more confident using the technique myself. I now have emotional freedom!”


“A fast method to resolve your emotional baggage,paulina helped me reaolve mine,she is a kind loving and caring person,im from iran and we did our sessions through Skype. Thanks”


“Pauline came into our Virgin Media Business offices and hosted two Down2Earth Wellbeing sessions during our Business Customer Operations Wellbeing weeks in August 2016. I contacted Pauline as someone we felt would be able to help share some skills in how to distress in the workplace which for us is a big part of Wellbeing. I explained we had no budget but she was very happy to come in and help anyway. Her sessions were delightful. She focused on introducing us to EFT and touched on some energy exercises. She was professional, communicated very well and had all of us engaged, even those who were a bit skeptical. Feedback from attendees included. ‘its the most interesting thing I have ever done at work’ , ‘I felt very calm and relaxed afterwards’ , ‘Its refreshing to do something different in the office’. We are very grateful for Pauline’s time and really appreciate her sharing her techniques.”

Nancy Fellows

“Pauline introduced me to EFT and I have never looked back. I was stressed, overwhelmed and not coping at all with several aspects of my life when I went along to see Pauline. Through EFT I was able to deal with the problems I was facing and it has enhanced my life and enabled me to deal with all situations that arise in a positive way as and when required. Pauline is so easy to talk too, extremely knowledgeable and an excellent therapist, I would thoroughly recommend her service.”

Female – Basingstoke