Stress Response – Fight, Flight or Freeze!

Stress is a feeling of emotional or physical tension

EFT (Tapping) Basingstoke helps individuals to overcome fear, anxiety and overwhelm.  We all get these feelings at various times in our life.  This can stem from childhood fears and feelings of never being good enough.  Fear of flying, or attending an interview; or anxiety over a redundancy from work and change of lifestyle.  Many scenarios in our life can create fear, anxiety and overwhelm.

What happens to our body when these emotions become excessive?  Our body protects us by triggering the fight, flight or freeze response – the ‘stress response’ and our body becomes ready to face the potential danger.  This stress response is found to commence in the amygdala of the brain (to read more, please click here).  The stress response, at one time, was extremely useful in enabling us to run from danger and even today it is still very much required in some situations where individuals need to be aware of potential danger.  Nowadays, the stress response is being activated by daily ‘stressors’. Work overload; an imbalance between work/home; relationship breakdown and financial difficulties, the list of stressors in our modern world is endless.  Under all these issues invariably is fear, anxiety and overwhelm that create, not only, mental exhaustion but physical symptoms that can plague our lives

EFT Decreases the Stress Response

EFT (Tapping) Basingstoke enables a person to quickly enhance the quality of their life by looking at what created the fears, anxiety and overwhelm. These emotions may have been caused by past trauma, an event, unhelpful beliefs, or, physical symptoms that over time have blocked the ‘energy system’ of the body.  From the Chinese Medicine perspective, if these emotions become excessive, an imbalance in the meridians occurs and symptoms of stress and invariably physical ailments appear.  EFT is an effective self-help technique.  The use of tapping on certain acupressure points aims to decrease and eliminate negative emotions and brings about balance within the energy system; gives clarity of thought and enhances wellbeing.

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