Sending Gratitude Enhances Well-being


How often do we stop and give our thanks and gratitude to the small things in our lives; or to the people that surround us and help us?  Being grateful decreases stress enhances well-being and leads us to a positive outlook in life.

I would like to thank our fantastic Emergency Services, the ambulance service, the fire brigade, the police service, rescue workers and all the other services that are out there in our community ready for action?  As individuals, we probably do not think about them very often until we see something on the news, or we are driving, and we have to give way to the blue lights that are flashing on the motorway, or we see, perhaps, an ambulance at our neighbour’s home.

These highly skilled and compassionate men and women often volunteer to go overseas to help out in areas that have been hit by natural disasters –  a tsunami, a cyclone, forest fires, earthquakes, the list goes own.  They risk their life on a daily basis, and they put the people first before themselves.  Yet, the public invariably does not know what they have been busy doing unless it is on the television news, or in the newspaper, or more nowadays on the web when you put on your computer.

Gratitude is something that expands energetically in the universe, and we can stop and give recognition and praise at any time.  As a community, if we sent out our appreciation to our emergency services and said thank you this is received in an energetic way.  It enables us to give something that does not cost us anything and does not take any of our time. 

Being grateful for even the small things in life, can decrease stress, increase a positive outlook and improve your wellbeing and your awareness builds as you notice what is around you.  It does not matter how little, or how much we have achieved, just look and there is always something to be grateful for – start noticing today, and your life will begin to change with the appreciation sent out.  I thank you.

Janice Kaplan, author of ‘The Gratitude Diaries’, sharing about how it all began for her. Click here.


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