How to Restore Your Body’s Energy & Vitality


Sit comfortably, close your eyes and ask ‘what it is, right now, that could give me more vitality?  I wonder what your answer is? 

Without changing it, become aware of your breath.  Can you feel it makes your stomach and chest rise as you breathe in, and those areas deflate as you breathe out?  Continue coming aware of your breathing and how it flows – again, do not change it.This profound mechanism of the autonomic nervous system of your body can bring more energy and vitality to your daily life in a few moments.

The following breathing exercise will enable you to gain more energy and vitality.  You may choose to do this exercise in the morning and evening, or, you may find yourself using this technique while you are travelling by train to work and, again, on the return journey.

Inhale deeply in through your nose, and you will feel your abdomen, diaphragm and chest expand.  Hold your breath just for a few seconds, and then slowly exhale through your lips.  Take your time and continue for 5 – 10 breaths.  Aim to build this exercise up from a few minutes to 10 – 20 minutes each day.  Once you have mastered this basic technique, you can use your breath to ease tension and pain in your body.  By focussing your breath on an area that is troubling you as you breathe in and as you breathe out let go of the tension.  You may imagine a colour flowing through your whole body and nurturing every cell of your body as you breathe in, and another colour as you breathe out the tension.

Taking time to consciously breathe can decrease stress by calming the mind, lower blood pressure and improve sleep.  Bring balance to the meridian pathways, the endocrine systems and the emotions.  Your lungs will begin to function healthier by bringing more oxygen into your body’s cells and ridding your body of carbon dioxide.  You may notice your skin becomes brighter and your posture to have more strength and your outlook more positive.

Please share your observations and insights – thank you.

7 thoughts on “How to Restore Your Body’s Energy & Vitality

  1. This gentle breathing exercise is one that I can see myself doing because it is realistic – I can do it in 10 minutes, and maybe even 20 minutes, Thank you

  2. Thank you Pauline for sharing this breathing exercise. I did it today after a busy shift and it definitely made me feel calmer and more centred. I’m looking forward to doing more on a daily basis. xxx

  3. It is amazing how we can forget to breath when we are busy or anxious and great to make time for this natural energy boost. Thank you for sharing Nicky.

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