Grounding Exercise to Calm the Mind


Life has become very busy for a majority of us.  We try desperately to balance work life with family, as well as fitting in social life.  All the hustle and bustle can create anxiety in our daily life, but we rarely stop.  Sooner, or later, we may be stopped in our tracks as our physical health, or emotional health deteriorates.  There are so many ways we can take a little time out of our busy lives to prevent ill health, and it is never too late to start.

Grounding is a simple way to bring your body, mind and spirit into the present moment.  It will help you settle your thoughts and calm your mind; slow down your breathing and stop overwhelm. Using a grounding technique will enable you to have far more clarity and to manage stressful situations.

The following grounding technique once practised, will just take a few minutes to do.  Sit comfortably, with your back straight, barefooted, and close your eyes.  Feel the ground or floor beneath your feet.  Take a few seconds to take in your surroundings, scan your body and notice what you may be feeling and then gently bring your focus to your breath.   Inhale softly through your nose and exhale gently out through your mouth – do this several times.  Now imagine from the base of your spine a beautiful ruby-red colour travelling down to the earth below.  This colour is also going down each leg and out of the sole of each foot down to the ground below.  It is like you are sitting on a chair that is connecting to mother earth.  Stay with this for a while and begin to feel comforted by a feeling of stability and safety.  Your breath continues in an easy inhalation and exhalation.  Now visualise a white light coming down through the top of your head right through your centre and out through the base of your spine and into the earth below.  Just stay for a while enjoying the connection with the ground below and the universe above.  Then gently inhale and exhale and take in your surroundings, scan your body and notice what you may be feeling and gently open your eyes.           

I love to walk barefoot in the local park or walk on the beach and experience being close to the beautiful sights of nature all around me.  Find your special place where you can just enjoy being there and kick off your shoes!

You are welcome to share your observations and insights – thank you.

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