EFT and Emotions

We can change how we feel.

Image by John Hain from Pixabay

EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Techniques it’s unique in that it focuses on the negative emotions underlying an issue. Emotional stress can stop us in our tracks and you may start noticing that you are not managing with day to day life. If you click here EFT is explained. It can be used on a variety of issues and Gary Craig that developed what I call traditional EFT would encourage EFT to be used on everything. From a Chinese Medicine perspective, which EFT is based on, everything starts in the energy system and emotional upset over time can obstruct the vital energy called Qi. Under any issue, there are negative emotions and the objective of EFT is to decrease and eliminate these allowing a person to able to manage an issue, to have clarity of thought and have positive changes that will become apparent to them.

The Mind and Body Connection

Over the past few years, it has become evident, that if there is emotional pain that has been suppressed then what may appear is physical pain. During my time as a Zen Shiatsu Practitioner, psychosomatic disorders were part of the study – internal conflict or stress. Mind and Body are not separate. I have helped people work through their emotional pain and for them to notice enhanced health. By working together, in the first instance, change is possible. EFT can then become a self-help technique.

Negative Emotions

We are all individuals so what one person feels in a situation is not necessarily the same for someone else. Becoming aware of your emotions is really helpful when faced with an issue and this is where EFT can assist.

Taking pain in the body, as an example, you may start feeling anxious, irritable and frustrated. You may have been given a diagnosis and heard what the Consultant said but unable to take it all in and feeling fearful and unsure what to do? These are all normal reactions when faced with physical change. It is important that these type of emotions do not become overwhelming. It is crucial to be clear about any pain/diagnosis and talk it through with your GP/Consultant. EFT is a unique technique that can help decrease stress in such a situation, is non-invasive and allows a person’s energy to flow correctly and bring about calm during treatment and recovery.

I recommend EFT in this type of scenario. Please contact me for further information. Click here.