The Chakras – The Body’s Energy Centres

THE CHAKRAS – The Body’s Energy Centres

A chakra is often described as a disk, vortex, or wheel that are the energy stations of the body – a centre of swirling subtle energy.  Each chakra is positioned at one of seven points, from the base of your spine to the top of your head.  Each chakra regulates aspects of your personality. Helmut G. Sieczka’s book ‘Chakra Breathing’ (LifeRhythm) describes the mental/physical symptoms of each chakra.  The following are some of the descriptions when the chakra is in balance.

The Root Chakra

Location: Perineum/Coccyx / Element: Earth / Colour: Red / Glands:  Adrenal Glands / Survival,  strong motivation, physical and mental resilience, a feeling of connectedness and inner peace.

Navel Chakra

Location: Sacral vertebra, approximately 2 inches below the navel / Element: Water / Colour: Orange / Glands: Gonads  / Creativity, a well balanced physical health, good connection and security toward oneself and others – a good outlook for life.

Solar Plexus

Location: Solar plexus, third lumbar vertebra / Colour: Yellow /Glands: Pancreas / Assertiveness & Power, a good sense of well-being, determination to overcome limitations and very much in touch with one’s emotions.

Heart Chakra

Location: Fifth thoracic vertebra / Element: Air / Colour: Green / Gland: Thymus / Love & Compassion, confidence, high level of empathy, openness, trust, love and respect for oneself and others, optimistic in life.

Throat Chakra

Location: First cervical vertebra / Element: Ether / Colour: Light Blue / Gland: Thyroid / Expressiveness, a high degree of responsibility, good communication skills, a sense of abundance and wealth of ideas.

Third Eye Chakra

Location: Center of Forehead / Element: Light / Colours: Violet/Purple, Gland: Pituitary / Vision, a sense of centeredness, the balance of feminine and masculine qualities, the gift of intuitive vision, contact with one’s inner guidance and contact with one’s inner guidance.

Crown Chakra

Location: Crown / Colours: White, Violet and Gold, Gland: Pineal, Connectedness to the Universe – Unity, an experience of cosmic oneness, extreme clarity, strong feelings of wholeness and oneness, a potential for profound healing and restructuring of body and mind.

The above are all positive experiences of what a person may embrace when their chakras are truly balanced.  When things happen in our life that creates negative situations or feelings, your chakras take this energy in and can become imbalanced causing you to feel sluggish in your body and struggling with daily life – this can be unpleasant and can go undetected.  If you become aware of the energy of each chakra you can use methods to clear and balance your chakras bringing balance and harmony to each of them.  My favourite way to clear and balance the chakras is from a workshop I attended with Donna Eden (Eden’s Energy Medicine) some years ago.  I describe it below.

Begin at the root chakra but if you do suffer from headaches please commence at the crown chakra.

Lie on your back and with one hand, open palm, commence circling anti-clockwise approximate four inches above the chakra.  Make slow anti-clockwise circles that are about the width of the body (anti-clockwise circles pull out toxic energies)  When you have circled approximately 30 times, shake off the energy and begin to circle over the chakra in a clockwise direction – continue for at least half as long as the circling in the anti-clockwise direction this will reharmonise the chakra.  Again shake off the energy and move to the next chakra and continue anti-clockwise circles and clockwise to balance.  You may well begin to feel that you want to stay longer doing the anti-clockwise circling direction at some chakras and I would suggest you go with your intuition!

In Donna Eden’s book ‘Energy Medicine’ (1998) she states ‘ the single exception to the order of circling anti-clockwise first and then clockwise is that if you are working with a man the crown chakra is reversed.  A clockwise motion will clear and anti-clockwise motion will reharmonise’. 

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