Become Aware of Your Body’s Subtle Energies for Health and Wellbeing


We are surrounded by a sea of energy that is described as ‘the life force’ in western countries, or universal energy.  In Japan, it is referred to as Ki, and in China Qi, or Chi.  Each culture has a name for the subtle energies that surround us.  Our body is also a bundle of power.  We can become aware of how this energy helps in a positive way or hinders us in a negative way.  These subtle energies we can learn to become appreciative of, and this can help us in balancing physical, psychological and spiritual health on a regular basis. 


Begin with the following exercise to start feeling these subtle energies.

Sitting relaxed, rub your hands together for about 15 seconds, then place your hands together in front of your heart, just for a minute. Gradually draw them apart to shoulder width and hold them there.  You may feel something that feels like a gentle barrier.  Continue slowly moving your hands toward one another and gradually out again.  If you do not instantly feel the subtle energy between your hands, you will with practise. 

You may notice a feeling of warmth, or that your fingers tingle, which is a sign of being aware of the energy between your hands.  Place one hand in front of your chest, about 5 inches out from your body and make counterclockwise circles over the area.  Sense what you are feeling as you are moving through the subtle energy of the heart centre.  Do this for several cycles and then shake the energy from your hand.  To finish, circle clockwise over the same area and sense any sensations with your hands.  You can make these cycles slightly shorter..  Shake the energy off your hands.  

Energy healing is not new, it has been around for thousands of years.  Most people will be familiar with one energy healing modality.  Reiki, Shiatsu, Acupressure, EFT, Crystal Healing, Yoga and Energy Medicine help balance the body’s subtle energies.  This basic exercise in how to begin to balance the Chakras of the body the energy centres.

Please contact me with any observations/feedback.

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