EFT Tapping Basingstoke

Do you struggle to cope with stress, anxiety, and are overwhelmed during a difficult time?
Are you wanting to go for that interview/promotion but something is holding you back?
Would you like to improve your quality of life?  I can show you how with EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique! 
EFT, often known as Tapping, makes a difference by shifting stress, overwhelm & giving you more energy and clarity of thought!

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EFT Tapping Basingstoke with Pauline Irving

Whether you are looking out of curiosity; wanting new ways to improve, or enhance your general health & well-being, happiness; or to address emotional/physical pain, or conflict, I can assist you through a choice of one-to-one sessions.

The Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) applies self-care and the approach at EFT Tapping Basingstoke is both practical and realistic in promoting balance in body, mind and spirit.

EFT Tapping Explained

EFT draws on the ancient wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine and blends it with cutting-edge insights of modern Western psychology.  The result is modality for stress free living that can help you finally understand and eliminate those negative feelings and thought patterns that have been holding you back and, perhaps, affecting your physical health as well.

By ‘tapping’ on the body’s meridian points – some of the same points of the body used during an acupuncture session – you can quickly dissolve the energetic blocks that have been hindering your physical or emotional recovery.  Change is literally at your fingertips! Click here to read more & the benefits of EFT.

Private one-to-one EFT sessions

If you would like to discover how EFT may be able to help you overcome an issue holding you back, you can arrange a FREE 40-minute session by giving me a call or drop me an email.

If you then decide you would then like to progress further,  I offer one-to-one sessions within the Basingstoke area by telephone, Messenger, What’s App or Skype-based sessions for anyone, anywhere!  Click here for further details of one-to-one sessions.